Storage as a Service

Easily Accessable, Affordable Storage

InfoLock offers both on site and cloud-based storage services. Our storage service is based on an Opex model, eliminating capital expenditures, and providing you a pay as you go model. Our cloud based service is deployed on enterprise-class platforms, our storage solution is enhanced by the security of InfoLock’s state-of-the-art, concurrently maintained data centers. By leveraging our investment in facility and equipment infrastructure, and the resources required to maintain that technology, you can bring value back to the business while enjoying the flexibility to choose a storage solution that suits performance, budgetary and compliance requirements. Our on-site offering provides storage hardware, 24 x 7 support and spare storage capacity.

A Complete Enterprise STaaS Platform

InfoLock is one of the first and only complete enterprise storage as a service platform. Our STaaS solution is built to affordably manage storage on a massive scale for you and your customers.

Enterprise-Grade Performance and Security

Dedicated SSD’s and HDD’s, in-flight and at-rest encryption, snapshots, mirroring, High Availability and more!

Pay Only for What You Use

Scale up or down, pay as you go, upgrades included

Fully Managed Service. Industry-Leading SLA

InfoLock gives you a full platform including installation, upgrades, metering, billing and 24/7 support

The InfoLock SLA by the Numbers

We designed and patented our technology. We operate it on your behalf. We are so confident in this unique combination that we guarantee your uptime.



Our SLA is posted publicly and contractually commits to 99.999% of availability, far more than most cloud service providers.


The Reality

Our track record over multiple years exceeds not only our contractual commitment, but also the availability of top storage brands.


Credit Basis

Because we are committed to your success, we find all downtime unacceptable. We therefore credit you for all outages, no matter how short.

Storage as a Service Benefits

  • Provides predictable costs with the flexibility to scale

  • Secure hosting in InfoLock’s enterprise-class data centers

  • Reduces capital expenditure requirements for data storage

  • Reduces operational expenditure costs for storage array administration

  • Built on a reliable infrastructure platform

  • Enables business continuity solutions, including replication and disaster recovery

  • Offers flexibility to scale capacity up or down as needed

  • Substantially reduced price when compared to other storage providers

  • No egress fees associated with S3 Compatible Object Storage


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